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Direct Education Scholarship

required documents

•  Complete Application


•  Pueblo of Laguna Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)

    or Tribal ID Card


•  Sealed Official High School/Adult Basic Education  or

   College Transcripts (2.0 Term GPA Requirement)


•  College/Vocational School Admissions Letter

    or Enrollment Verification for upcoming semester.


•  Concise Class Schedule


•  Personal Statement (Guide ⇪)


•  Degree Plan, Degree Audit, or Degree Checklist


•  Completed W9 Form

All students must submit an Official Transcript before each term attending. Official transcripts must be sealed and sent directly from college/university by mail or electronic mail. Therefore, unofficial transcripts, faxed or personal email copies will no longer be acceptable.

Contact us if you have any questions:

(505) 552-9322