Direct Education Scholarship

required documents


•  Complete Application


•  Pueblo of Laguna Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)

    or Tribal ID Card


•  Sealed Official High School/ABE or College Transcripts

   2.0 Term GPA Requirement


•  College/Vocational School Admissions Letter

    or Enrollment Verification for Fall 2018 Semester.


•  Concise Class Schedule


•  Personal Statement (See Guide)


•  Degree Plan, Degree Audit, or Degree Checklist


•  Completed W9 Form (Mailed to (or dropped off at) PFS)

All students must submit an Official Transcript before each term attending. Official transcripts must be sealed and sent directly from college/university by mail or electronic mail. Therefore, unofficial transcripts, faxed or personal email copies will no longer be acceptable.

Contact us if you have any questions:

(505) 552-9322

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