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Providing employment services

to people with disabilities


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Photo of Erlinda Seymour
Photo of Erlinda Seymour

Petra Solimon, Director

(505) 552-9322 Ext. 2004



Anita Analla, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

(505) 552-0620   Cell: (505) 239-0827




Erlinda R. Seymour, Outreach Rehabilitation Tech

(505) 552-5191  Cell: (505) 259-6296




Faron Tortalita, Job Coach

(505) 552-9322 Ext. 2006

Top row, Left to Right: Edyie (PFS), Anita (LAC), Paula (PFS), Petra (PFS/LAC)

Bottom row: Erlinda (LAC)


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